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You are now in the place that puts family, relationships and guiding people to elevate their lives and be the best they can be, as a skilled focus in everything we do. In a changing world where, after the covid19 pandemic, our understanding of society, our roles within it and our real ‘humanness’ has been tested and redefined, this is the perfect time to embrace the wonderfulness that we are, were always meant to be, and need to be for ourselves and our families as we go forward. Join us on our national and global mission that is gaining massive traction and which puts family, education, and experienced support for all at the forefront of our goals.

Dear Families,

We know the pain of great adversity and the clear and fast answers to family happiness and success well…

My name is Teuta Avdyli, I am a founder, an Award-Winning Public Speaker, a highly successful family elevation & relationship coach and the Bestselling Author of ‘Born to Stand Out’ & ‘Family Legacy of Love’. Throughout the many TV and other interviews I have done speaking on protecting and elevating the family unit & relationship dynamics, one thing is always present in my mind – that my life is a gift. I am lucky to be alive and should not be here.

On the 21st of September 2016 in Finsbury Park, London I had a traffic accident and was run over by a lorry three times. As I lay there, close to death and with the doctors sure I would not make it through the night, my worst nightmare was translated into my most precious gift as my higher power gave not only my life and strength, my young family and our future together back to me, but the clear vision and purpose of my new existence to help families and educate, support and improve as many peoples lives as possible.

With humility and courageousness, I am now privileged to be moving quickly along this journey…

Much Love,

– By Teuta Avdyli


One to One Coaching

(Perfect for either parent and or people employed in the care industry)


– Consultation and Support in the areas of: ‘Parenting, Communication, Positive Communication Skills, Boundary & Goal Setting

– Pathways to elevated living and family life

– Free 30 minute call with Teuta

Group Workshops & Training

(Ideal for schools, institutions or groups and businesses)


– Boundaries, How to Get the Best Out Of Setting Boundaries

– Routines, Pathways to elevate family Living in a Constructive Way

– Working as a Team/parents to parent/parents and children together

– Parenting, Styles of Parenting, Outcomes


(Suited for online platforms and events)


– Creating Confidence and Connecting with Families

– Boundaries, How to Get the Best Out Of Setting Boundaries

– Routines, Pathways to elevate family Living in a Constructive Way

– Working as a Team/parents to parent/parents and children together

-Parenting, Styles of Parenting, Outcomes

Complimentary Resources

Free 7 week course with the family school of love. The art of raising thriving children through positive parenting presented Teuta Avdyli.

Born to Stand Out

An Award-Winning Speaker on many subjects, Teuta Avdyli is becoming a leading light in the Childcare Industry. Her bestselling books, both successful in more than three countries are being acclaimed as a new and fresh innovation in the way that families healthily communicate, set realistic boundaries, and stay loving and cohesive within their group.

The Big Idea


The quickest way to help families, children, and people towards better, safer, happier more productive, and successful life journies are to support them consistently while offering the right tools and educative frameworks, workshops, and systems. Committed to this goal and backed by successful companies and global organizations like the Universal Peace Federation (an NGO closely aligned with the United Nations) we are actively raising money legally under our charity status for our UK National Initiative ‘The Legacy of Love Bus’.


To raise 150k towards a fully refurbished, modern, kitted and self-sufficient’ ‘Educational learning Center’ that will travel the UK offering focus and targeted support and learning, not only to many underprivileged and rural areas so desperately in need, but to engineer and integrate a cohesively needed series of training and learning frameworks with and for Parents, Children, institutions and other needed social areas around and across the Country. This deep, simple, and influential work would not only give pivotal help and support to urgent social family areas, parents, and carers but create a single message and crucial support system that can measure, support, and promote consistent health progressive growth.


To use this modern renovated bus/coach as a mobile ‘Educational Learning Center’ that can support needed areas, schools, councils and groups around the UK in core family educational frameworks and life skills which will be transferable not only into adaquate communication and healthy social and family frameworks but to future careers and organized and charitable collaborations thus proliferation, integrating and spreading healthy and educated social and family values and principles.

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